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If you've ever needed a hero, then you've opened the right door. The men in these pages are hot, the beer is cold and the women eat monsters for breakfast.

So stay awhile and see what it's all about. But be warned, a journey into this universe is a one way trip. You might never be the same.




scortched earth


Coming spring 2014!


Scorched Earth

One will find a love that shakes the earth itself.

Cara’s compassion freed three dangerous elementals from a hellish prison. For the first time in centuries, the destroyers of cities are free, with the potential to wreak havoc that could leave a scorched earth. Can Cara give the earth elemental a reason to care, or will the power the Fates unleashed in her be her downfall?




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One Night to Burn

When the stylists told her they would make her hot, Kira didn’t believe they meant literally. She never dreamed that at the end of the free makeover, a stranger would toss the torch that would burn away her former self. To her horror, she would find more changed than just her hair color. For  Kira, life would never be the same.


Humans feared the power of the elementals, so they locked them away. In the process they altered the balance of nature.

800 years later, the elements have awakened. Maddened by centuries of imprisonment, these powerful beings crave vengeance. Three unsuspecting women will have to soothe the savage forces before it’s too late.

One will find rebirth in the flames that take her life.

One Night To Burn

One will meld with the sea that seeks to claim her.

When the Sea Burned

One will find a love that shakes the earth itself

Scorched Earth



For those of you who prefer print books over ebooks, I'm working hard to make that happen. The Charmer is now available in print from CreateSpace. Find it here.


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